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8 – Major differences regarding the woman condition

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Major differences between Christianity and Islam regarding the condition of women


Men are considered superior to women in Islamic countries. Rape- forcing a woman- is accepted and sometimes goes unpunished even today in some states. Women can be treated like slaves, even animals (according to the Qur’an). Islam allows for polygamy, and while men can marry non-Muslims, women cannot. Muslim men can divorce with a simple proclamation, women cannot. And although women have inheritance rights, they are always inferior to a man’s. There could be given many examples on what the woman status means in Muslim countries. (More about women abuse here )


In the Bible women are protected, admired, praised and given special missions. They are presented as being weaker – by nature- therefore men are encouraged to love them as Jesus loved the Church. They are not seen as inferior but advised to submit first to God then to their husbands. According to the Bible, God indeed has given the leadership role within the family –meaning between the 2 people, the man and the woman- to the man, who, in return, is asked to love.

Even in the Old Testament, before Jesus arrival, when polygamy was practiced there is not one teaching to conclude that women are inferior to men in any way except physical strength. Women were free to choose who and what they stand for.

Still, and unfortunately, it is plainly clear that throughout history, because of sin and practical disobedience to God, the women condition has been suffering significantly.

See testimonial of a Somalian woman activist now living in Netherlands, here.

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