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There are some important values at the basis of this initiative. Since the subject is truly complex, there is a need to clarify these values, as they are the pillars for each and every piece of information presented on the site.

1. Truth. Honesty

First and foremost, we believe there is truth as opposed to lie.

We also believe that truth is to defend ‘itself’ with no extra ‘help’ from any biased, subjective, or worse- intentionally manipulative support.


2. Love. Respect for other people’s opinions and choices

Considering the subject, respect and love are crucial. We stand by the idea that people should share their opinions on some of the most important existential questions, even when the task appears difficult and highly complex, but they should do so only if they are capable of deep respect for other people’s opinions – and, if possible, with true love for others.

Also, we deem there is a critical, important difference between ideas and people. It is our firm belief that only people are equal, and ideas are not. People have the right to be wrong and still be accepted, respected and loved as equal human beings. By contrast, ideas should be analyzed, assessed, and the wrong ones should be dismissed – based on personal analysis and understanding.

In other words, we believe that an Atheist/Agnostic, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, New Age Adept, Judaist, Confucianist etc are, without doubt and independent of their beliefs, equal human beings with equal human rights and should therefore behave with each other accordingly.

On the other hand, we don’t believe that the ideas upon which these different worldviews are based and, subsequently, by which these different people may live by, are of equal value and fulfillment for the human soul.

Since the search for truth and higher value are human duties and privileges at the same time, this site is the fruit of our conviction that comparing worldviews and what stands behind them is really worth all efforts.


3. Logic. Intelligence

Many people still think and act based upon the assumption that all things related to belief systems and religions should not be justified, since they exclusively belong to the realm of revelation.

We do not agree with the word ‘exclusively’. All belief systems and religions have some clear philosophies, principles, values and objectives that make their core essence. This is what we strive to compare here and in this quest we are doing our very best to stick to logic, facts and compelling arguments.


4. Simplification. User friendliness

Although the site’s subject is complex, we strive to simplify the information as much as possible while retaining its accuracy. Charts have been added occasionally so to simplify complex information in easy to understand & remember formats.

Still, in the event you detect inaccuracies within the information we present, don’t hesitate to point them out by leaving a documented comment.