Islam main criticisms

4 – Major differences between Jesus and Muhammad

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Studying the Bible and the Qur’an, the differences between the 2 are major:

Jesus was poor, without a home, travelling around to preach, refusing to become an official leader and more than everything declared sinless. Reading the Bible, one can easily say that his enormous influence has nothing to do with position, richness or power.

Muhammad, on the other hand, was not without sin since in the Qur’an it is recorded that Allah asks him to ask for forgiveness. Muhammad was rich, apparently powerful and even had slaves. (Which may be why in Muslim countries even today there are cases of slavery although usually denied by authorities.)

Jesus performed many miracles. Muhammad’s only miracle, as Muslims assert, was the Qur’an, which according to Islamic teaching, can only be understood and appreciated by sophisticates in the Arabic language.

All leaders of the other religions, including Muhammad, promote their teachings as the way to God, Christ proclaimed himself as the only way to God.

‘Muslims believe that Jesus did not actually die on the cross. They make that comment based on the Koran. It is strange because, also based on the Koran, they recognize that Jesus had the power to raise the dead, a power they do not attribute to Mohammad, so that’s a conflicting response.’ Ravi Zacharias, 2002.

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