Unaware of our unawareness

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“As quantum physics has taught us, the unseen world is vastly more powerful than the seen world. It is the immense, hidden portion of the iceberg that most of us are unaware of 99% of the time, while the tangible, material world we think of as ‘real’ is only the minuscule tip that juts above the surface…

One of the greatest discoveries of the past decade of neurological research is that 96 to 98 % of all our behaviors are automatic.” John Assaraf, Muray Smith

So, it seems, our consciousness is incredibly weak. We are unaware of our unawareness.

“The ‘freedom’ in freewill is the glorious ability of our minds to reprogram themselves and to evaluate automatic thoughts and emotions. We all have this ability, and we all choose to utilize it to a greater or lesser degree…It is this freedom that makes us human.” Peter Voss ‘The nature of freewill’