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I am an entrepreneur and producer of shows and documentaries on varied subjects, one of the many people out there in search for truth.

This site was born out of a deep personal passion for truth, knowledge and education. The subject of worldviews was chosen because of its crucial importance for human life, as stated in the mission. Judging on the dynamics of our contemporary world it seems more and more critical to understand our own life paradigms.

The site was also born as a response to some rising popular beliefs, which, after basic investigation, appear not to be based on evidence. It is not uncommon throughout history to see beliefs rising to the statute of widely and easily accepted only to be discarded as wrong and unfounded years or decades later (see relativism).

As explained in the objectives, its main purpose is the spread of knowledge and education regarding the main ideas & philosophies which form the essence of our world’ predominant worldviews. It has no interest in religious traditions, rituals or the varied interpretations of the same ideas resulting in the many cults belonging to some of the worldviews presented.

I also consider my own choice of worldview irrelevant, in regards to this initiative, for several reasons. First, because there are no personal opinions on the site with the exception of the section called Opinions/Blog. Where quotes haven’t been used in the texts presented, summaries were made based on a selection of materials that unanimously agreed on the subject/view.

Second, as stated in the objectives section, the site is certainly open to improvement. Extensive research was done to find the best argued materials as well as the most credible sources in defense of each worldview presented. Still, if you find examples of information that do not correspond to the site criteria please point them out and they will be improved or replaced.

It should also be mentioned that I’m not a native English speaker, therefore I apologize in advance for any shortcomings in this regard.

Finally, my intention is to respond to comments as promptly as possible. In case the response is delayed please feel free to continue investigating yourself. This site is supposed to be just another starting point on the vast topic of worldviews.